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7 travel tips to help you get some extra discount on hotel bookings

7 travel tips to help you get some extra discount on hotel bookings

7 travel tips to help you get some extra discount on hotel bookings
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Booking a hotel is an important factor when you are planning a holiday. Now a days its as simple as selecting a window seat of your choice in your next flight or as difficult as to select a travel insurance. Hence, here we get you 7 travel hacks to get extra discount for your next hotel booking.

Travel tip 1. Call the hotel reservation team.

You should surely call up and discuss the room tariff with hotel reservation team once before making your reservation online as sometimes when hotel inventory is low, the hotel team might offer you some extra discount or extra perks in the same price which you are seeing online which will eventually benefit you during your stay at the chosen hotel.

P.S.- Try to speak with the revenue or reservation manager for getting the benefit.

Travel tip 2. Make the comparison on more than one online portal.

Yes, you get it right. One should always compare the rates on multiple portals than choosing the one for all your bookings as you never know there might be some heavy promotional offers running on different portals for the period of your stay for the benefit of end user.

P.S.- Trivago and TripAdvisor allow checking all the other portals rates on their website/app to prevent you checking each website invidually.

Travel tip 3. Use the mobile web or application of the travel website.

It's my favourite trick to make the booking of hotel online, as almost all the online portals offer minimum 5% to 10% discount to their mobile users rathan than desktop users as to keep up with the current trend. It has been oberseved that resgistered mobile users always end up saving more than unregistered users.

P.S- First time mobile users get additional discount copoun code emailed by the online portals after succesully registration.

Travel tip 4. Plan on weekdays.

Working full time from Monday to Friday, most of the tourists plan their short duration holidays on weekends which increases the demand of the hotels which directly results hike in the pricing. One can plan your holidays on weekdays if possible to get some extra discount as hotels demand on weekdays are low compared to weekends.

P.S- The above tip is not very suitable for business destinations but tourist destinations.

Travel tip 5. Log out instead of staying logged in.

Yes, you hear it right. There will be a price difference for a logged in and logged out user as a portal always offers some lucrative deals for a first time user which sometimes get you 10-15% additional discount.

P.S.- You can also you a different browser to compare the rates as when you use same web browser for all your search, the website cookies reconize you as a returning customer.

Travel tip 6. Plan atleast 45-90 days before.

Most of the hotels do run some promotional offers for advance bookers which can be 20-30% cheaper than the normal rates showing on the website. Hence, advance planning can surely help you some extra bucks if your travel plan is 100% sure with less possibilities of cancellation.

P.S- Always choose a refundable price rathan than non-refundable price as advance booker deals definitely offer healthy discount but it might come with a non-refundable deal as well.

Travel tip 7. Last but not the least, compare the price with your local tour operator.

It is always a good practice to compare the price with a local tour operator as they always remain in touch with the hotels sales team which might benefit you in terms on lower rates.

P.S- A local tour operator not only helps you getting the discounted deal but also, helps you with flexible cancellation policies compared to online booking portals.

Lowest price for a particular hotel always does not come with the same benefit but sometimes it can also bring you reduction in the inclusions as well, hence, We hope while planning your next holidayFree Reprint Articles, you would surely try these travel hacks to get some extra discounts on your hotel bookings.

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